Mar 25, 2013

Gaya Street 2013

Last weekend, a group of Heng Hua Clan Association (Sing An Clan Association) came to KK from Miri. Of course my parents were of the group as well.

On last Sunday morning, we visited Gaya Street Open Market. Last time I been there was in March 2012, and took a photo of frog wallet. After a year, I am here again. The market is much bigger than last year. It is very crowded and taking photo seem to be an impossible task.

There are many stall selling big corals. I am interested in this starfish. Do you think it is real? I am sure the colour is fake, but not sure whether it is real or not. It is quite hard like hardened soil.

This is a handmade clock, covered with sand. One is with smooth sand, another one covered with rough sand. It looks like an interesting souvenir for a local guest. If your guest is a Chinese descendant, better not give a clock. It means funeral.... Song Zhong

Have a break, have a kit kat or a foot massage!

this is another fusion of handmade and factory made. Sure you cannot made a watch with your hand.

Is Sabah coffee is famous?
A maiden is only qualified to be a wife if she is good in making coffee. I do not mean by using a coffee maker.

I only know Tenom coffee is famous. Tenom coffee is nice because it is stir fry with dried coconut inside.

This is the fragrance section~~ Smell nice.

fui yooo... knife.


something eerie to end the post. This is dried lizard. It is crawling up your pants.


CWMartin said...

So that's what I felt...

[SK] said...

this is a very interesting place!! so many things to see and buy huh.. definitely the starfish are dyed with brighter colors, not nice at all lah.. i actually like that clock, very nicely made..

Naomi said...

CWMartin, crawling upppp

SK, yes it is interesting. Itis like gathering of all stall. Only need to go one place, and you can find everything.