Feb 4, 2013

The fear for 30

I have full set of Friends series in my external hard disk, which I got from my friend.
Yesterday I was watching the episode where all girls reached their 30 and how they face it.
Rachel very frustrated, Monica get herself drunk and realised there is a secret party at her home, and Phoebe realised she lost a year because she found out that she is actually 31.

Is 30 that horrible? It can be horrible and not that horrible. 30 can be scary when you will think you will be a spinster forever. However 30 marked the line where I am fully qualified as a grown up. So funny as if I was not grown up. Officially grown up.

Stay not with family. stay with spiderman, cicakman, cockroachman.
cook for myself... 
Troubleshoot home appliances by myself.

Only one thing which I am worried from living by myself. It is that if I get used to be alone, I will fall in love to loneliness and alone forever. When you get used to silent environment and alone, somehow you can be annoy with any human presence in same house in future. 

Will i know how to bake at the age of 30? Now i have a stand mixer. It would be useful if I learn how to make carrot cake. My favorite.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

hi. Wishing you and your family a really prosperous new year...coming to Miri?

Small Kucing said...

as long as young at heart :)

Ghostynana said...

hi Sarawakiana, yeah going back to Miri. Happy Chinese New Year!

Small Kucing, being young in heart makes us younger in appearance. You can see that from Sarawakiana.

CWMartin said...

30 isn't so bad. At least when you're almost 51 like me.

Ghostynana said...

51 is a tough year, but sure you can survive. My dad is 52