Aug 17, 2011

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1st Project to Egypt 2005-2006

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1st Project to Egypt 2005-2006

8/2/2006 5:04:07 PM

I started working for my company on 29 December 2005.

My 1st station of work is in Ras El Bar, Egypt. It is located at one of the branches of the Nile, 3 hours drive from Cairo & Alexandria. My base camp is in the coastguard area. So it is felt like restricted & confined by military jail. On the other side of the river, there is a small town or summer town. During the day, it is deserted. Egyptian life starts at night. Around 5pm, people start to move around in the town area. Due to winter now, only small population exists in this summer town. It is said it will be crowded during summer.

As I am a foreign lady in that place, I have attracted lots of unwanted attentions. Those attentions left me insecure. Their FAQ to a lady are, 'Are you Muslim', 'How old are you?', & 'Are you married?’ It is quite disturbing. Being in Egypt makes me felt that I am lucky that I am a Malaysian.

In the beginning, I wonder why most people said Egypt has the most beautiful view. Then I realized that the most interested view that I noticed is the view of oasis. I have seen oasis with rubbish. My deepest impression of Egypt is that it is dirty. I have seen a small river full of rubbish. Rubbish is everywhere. It is hard to find a proper rubbish bin. This country has a poor management.

Most of the Egyptian are Muslim. There are minority who are Croptic & Catholic Christians. Among the population of Christian in Egypt, I was told that population of woman is more than man. This is one of the factors that many Christian women remain single.

My Egyptian friend told me that Muslim body covered culture has only begin around 20 yrs ago. In some places, only Christian did not wear head cover.

By the way, I got a nickname here. The boat driver, Hamama (Bird) called me Asfura. Asfura ia a small bird with beautiful voice. That is a compliment for me.

I left Ras El Bar in the mid of March. Yeah, I celebrate my birthday here.



[SK] said...

ooooh, interesting for you to have been working in Egypt, and starting on such a weird day.. why not just few days later after the new year??

Ghostynana said...

I am not the boss. hahhaha. I wrote this in 2006

Bananazą®‡ said...

Hi Asfura what a great challenge for you working in Egypt then. Yeah since you brought up the subject of oasis we didnt get to see one in our last trip. Everyone was so excited with pyramids but didnt pay any attention to oasis or they are too far away from tourist spot?

Ghostynana said...

Oasis suppose in the mddle of desert. Cairo itself is a big oasis if not mistaken. Did you notice there is no cactus?