Feb 7, 2010

Falling in love is like going to a battlefield, injuries are expected

'Falling in love is like going to a battlefield, injuries are expected.' Someone posted this on Facebook today.

This... I know this too. However it is different when the pain comes. 

It is easier for ladies to fall in love. Often, it is only one sided feeling. The guy most probably only like the lady as ordinary friend. 

There are many tips on how to tell a guy is into you. One of the tips may be, 'If a guy treats you very good, laugh when he hears you laugh." Guys also treat an ordinary friend very good. He may laugh at your joke just because you are ordinary friend. So all tips are not dependable. As ladies tend to think too much, so our heart is not dependable too. If you ask me what else is trustable? I have no answer to that. Maybe not many men know that ladies also tend to think they are failure, when our love is rejected. We ladies are really complicated.

Nothing is dependable, even men are not dependable. I think that men also change their mind as fast as they drop their pants to do big business in toilet. A man can be very decisive in their career. However, when comes to relationship, I don't think so. Men can feel insecure in wooing lady or involving into a relationship. Doubts such as 'will I be able to support her?', 'she is too pretty', 'my car is too old to let her ride in it', bla bla bla. One word for you, "50% chance of winning if you try, 0% if you gave up before even trying. You lose before even trying."

Men is so indecisive, that sometimes it can hurt many people during the process of doubting. Communication is important even when in indecisive situation. Even if a courting process does not ended up with a relationship, if there are good understanding from both side, no one will be hurt in the process.

Clarification is important. After courtship and understanding process, you may found out you are not compatible, is better to be truthful and clarify the matter. Without any clarification, it will be unfinished business. 'Buang tahi tapi tidak cuci burit' = Not wiping your ass after pooing. Ladies and gentleman, don't be a coward in this matter. As it is regarding human's feeling and heart. Scarring will only make a heart hardened. A hard heart is unhealthy and bear much grudge. After died, will become a wandering ghost.

As we get older, love won't be the priority when looking for a life partner. No one like to spend old life alone. Companionship will be the most important. No matter how old a person can be, companionship is important. Some old people find companionship in their grandchildren, relatives, or friends. That is why you may found many old man playing chess in parks, practicing taichi, or joined a singing group. Love won't be as important as understanding and good companionship.

Just some analysis from a couchlady, Nomi.

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