Apr 20, 2010

Personal stuff

Let's get personal!
I just poo.

Oopsss! I guess no one wants to know this kind of personal stuff.

Someone just said I am choosy in choosing boyfriend.
I am open to criticism, but I laughed when I heard that I am choosy.

Let's analyse this choosy matter.

To be choosy, I have to have some choice to choose. Let's list down all my options..
1. An Nigerian man, whom I met in Dubai International Airport, asked for my email address, but refused by me.
2. An African who thinks I am interesting because I listen to Bob Marley songs.
3. Few Egyptian men who proposed to me.
4. A bus driver who wanted me to be his third wife.
5. A South African man who invited me to join him on his Bali vacation, He is around 55 years old. We met on plane.
6. A good guy (Malaysian), but we have nothing much in common, kind of ran out of topic after a while.

Will you make a choice out of the list?

Now you can tell me, am I really choosy?


LiNa Yong said...

hmm... I wonder how is the style of Bob Marley's song. =P
Btw, girl, it is okay to be choosy in relationship because we need to choose the best partner as the person is going to stay with us forever! We don't want a nightmare to accompany us for the rest of our life... hehehe.... support you! ^.^

Ghosty Nana said...

Bob Marley's song is reggae. One of his song is 'No woman, no cry.' I am not choosy comparing to our friend.

Kelvin said...

Wow, u so international!

Ghosty Nana said...

International but... too bad

Bengbeng said...

love is somewhere out there... jus need the right circumstances... is there anybody not choosy? that would b downright reckless for such an important matter :)

Ghosty Nana said...

Bengbeng, have to be a bit choosy, but can't be too over choosy. Have to accept the fact no one is perfect.