Apr 14, 2010

Campaigning Go Bald! Please pledge for me!

A: Why are you so happy today?
Numi: When I was shopping, so many men look at me today . :)

As someone who looks normal with no defects, it is normal to feel happy when we get attention from people, especially opposite sex or someone you are attracted to.

However, for those who does not have normal (according to society's standard) physique, it is very hard to endure all the attention that they received. Maybe we would wish we are an ostrich, shoving our head into a hole and away from the eyes.

Many cancer patients lost their hair, side effect from chemotherapy. It is not easy to accept the fact of going bald especially women and children. It is not a norm for women and children to have bald head in Malaysia. suddenly, there will be so much unwanted attention and questions towards them.

Few years ago when I cut my hair as short as 1 inch, eventhough I look good with the haircut, I still get many negative comments from people around me. 

Hard to imagine the feeling of being bald. That is why I decided to go bald for Go Bald Campaign. The goal of the campaign is:

beyond raising awareness of childhood cancer, and offering moral support – is to raise RM1,000,000 for a brand new SCCS centre that will offer an unprecedented level of care and support for child cancer patients in Sarawak:
  • Specially-designed accommodation for visiting patients and their families. Some of these families have to travel for 7 hours just to treat their children!
  • Improved amenities, facilities and resources for the treatment of cancer patients. We want to make their stay in Kuching as productive as it is positive.

Please kindly pledge for me and you can donate at here

Or you can also go bald with me. You can send your inquiry to admin@gobald.my or fill in the form here.
Please visit http://gobald.my/ and http://www.sarawak-bloggers.org/ for more information.


Kelvin said...

Hi, aliens in sg is out~ U can tell me more about Malaysia to help me post a topic on that too.

Fahriee said...

Wahhh! That's good to hear! How is it going to be anyway? Are you coming down here to Kuching, or did you manage to arrange something with the committee?

Ghosty Nana said...

Fahriee, I havn't discuss about this with the committee yet. Thanks for the reminder.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I am so happy that you support the campaign. I hope this campaign will get Sarawakians' attention wherever they are.

p/s: nice meeting you.

Ghosty Nana said...

Yes, hope it will create awareness everywhere in Sarawak.

Nice meeting you too.