Apr 24, 2010

One of the solutions for public urination.

Let's continue the discussion of public urination.

After I told my dad about the scene of people urinate in public, my dad said some men at certain age will have problem controlling their bladder. As [SK] commented in my last post, sometimes the force of nature call can be too strong to reject. Hence the act of public urination is unavoidable. This came a realisation to me. Most of the time, even a small matter can have many speculation from different view. I guess no one will choose to urinate in public if they are not force to.

This problem can actually be solved by having more mobile toilet.
 The photo above is mobile toilet in Taiwan. It is a good way to overcome the problem of public urination. Seems like we have to accept the fact that middle age men in Miri is increasing and the problem of public urination is become more obvious. I believe that there is always have people urinate publicly since years ago. It is just that it is not as obvious as now, because Miri was not as developed as now. There were more trees and bush around the town before it is a city. Mobile toilet is more financially wise and it is be located anywhere. Hence we really need mobile toilet!

However will mobile toilet be appreciated by public? Are we able to keep it as clean as possible? hmnnn...... If we still want to see people urinate in public, we can continue vandalise our public toilet. Here is an interest post about vandalism of an office's toilet.


theeggyolks said...

People in Malaysia should be educated in a way that public urination is shameful -_-"

Ghosty Nana said...

Yes, it is not a nice sight.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely not a nice sight.
The Public toilet is just across the street but these group of middle aged men chose to pee behind the former cathay cinema. Another group, of drinkers pee outside the open air market. The foul stinky smell from their urine fills the air as u pass by and most times u pass by someone in the act. What a disgusting ATTITUDE, wonder if they would do the same at the own home, pee at the corner of the walls. Even dogs can be trained to pee at the appropriate places.

Ghosty Nana said...

Yes not a nice sight, watering plants by the road. I think the plants might die due to their urine