May 2, 2010

"A small rock can make a difference," by Nomi.

When I was on my way to hill, something is bothering my foot. When I took out my foot and saw a very small rock in my shoes. As small as it can be, its diameter is around 1 mm. It is a very mini rock. Do not belittle the mini rock, it can caused discomfort to my foot and very annoying when I was walking.

It is a wonder that a small foreign object can affect a big object.

"A small rock can make a difference," by Nomi.

A small rock can crashes a big ego.
A small rock can crashes a big confidence.
A small rock can be the last rock to complete a masterpiece infrastructure.
A small rock can be the pain in the ass.

A small rock can be in the form of word, action or object. 

The author ran out of idea in the mid of composing the post.

You may be a small rock, you still can do something outrageous. It may look weird in others' eyes, however it can be meaningful in your life.
Very often, I do weird outrageous thing that didn't get approval from people around me.
It can be stupid thing, but all those small rocks in my life makes me for who I am.
Maybe Me is not someone, people always approved of.
At least I would like to be away from your bad small rock. Please don't crush me with your small rock..


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said... i lucky or what?

In time to read your latest post before i go to sleep with my lovely son. Hahaha...I was doing some renovation to my photography blog, that's why i sleep late tonight.

So your topic is on the rock? Hemmm... which reminds me of Dwyane Johnson (The Rock) "Can you smell what's the rock is cooking" His popular phrase when entering the wrestling ring.

And not to mention, my favourite movie "The Rock" which was acted by Sean Connery. doubt rock is famous. Hahahaha

Like u said, the rock can really cause discomfort. But it has good uses too right? Such can do rock climbing, use the rock to build beautiful walls etc. hehehe..

Finally, I think it was a stone that you found in your shoes since it was small. Hehehe

Gee..i wonder why i giggle a lot tonight. See yeah!

Ghosty Nana said...

what renovation did you do to your blog? making new roof?

ic ic.

The rock movie is my favorite too, with Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage. Cool guys.

Yes many usage, can even use in massage therapy.

You giggle because my giggle is infectious.

Good night!

[SK] said...

wow, such a philosophic entry!! yeah, i agree with you, though small but never belittle on the impact, it could be a huge one..

[SK] said...

a small rock can break your teeth too!! hehehe, i always fear of biting on small rocks while eating.. it's not on how hard the rock is, but on how fragile our teeth are when they bite on the rock without prior warning.. guess i'm addressing something you wanna say??

[SK] said...

the conclusion, i just love your conclusion!! so "zen" and really mean a lot, literally and figuratively..

Ghosty Nana said...

Most of us are small rock in the society, or small potato. All potato combine, also can be as popular as Lays potato chips.

I am not going to say you are old. 33 is not old. I will only say you are old at 50.

thanks for your to my conclusion. A good conclusion is always good. Wont make you regret for reading my post.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

SK :Uh that's my greatest fear too...biting a stone in my food. That's why i always wash my vege thoroughly before cooking it.

Ghosty Nana said...

I seldom found stone in my vege.....