Sep 23, 2009

Me look like Dorami....

once a guy said I look like Dorami, cause I stay forever cute...

But who am I to believe that...

Everyone knows whoever be described as Dorami or Doraemon, this mean that whoever is very round. I am not denying I am round. I have a round face like moon, and shines like a moon too when it is oily.

As an ex science student, I would like to do 2 experiments.

Procedures No.1:

1. To those who do not know who is Dorami, the picture above is Dorami.
2. Comparing Naomi with Dorami, and make a list about it.

Dorami Vs Naomi:

a) Dorami is round; Naomi is round too, nice to hug like "bantal peluk" (bolster).

b) Dorami is yellow; Naomi's skin is yellow now, because water is yellow.

c) Dorami have that flying copter and she is flying; Naomi always fly via plane over continents.

d) Dorami is cute; Naomi is cute too

Procedures No.2:

1. Repeat procedures No. 1 but use Doraemon instead of Dorami and use "the guy who said Naomi looks like Dorami" instead of Naomi.


Doraemon Vs "the guy"

a) Doraemon is older than Dorami; "the guy" is older than Naomi... old man

b) Doraemon have round tummy and slightly big; "the guy" also hv round and slightly big tummy.

c) Doraemon have round hand; "the guy" did have round hand for a while.


1. Naomi is round and cute like Dorami, and adventurous too.

2. "The guy" looks like Doraemon

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bubbleberry said...

lol .. im a doremi too lar

Ghosty Nana said...

Cute bah.. nice to hug hug, and yellow too