Oct 9, 2009

*Ring* *ring*

that nuffnang ad beside my post is very tempting. so colourful and so cute....

My mouse have the urge to click it...

I do not know what is it showing on my blog now. But when I was looking at my blog, it is iTalk ad.

I used iTalk when i was in uni. So when I sw this ad, It reminds me of my student life....

Life as a student is the poorest life. My only income for a semester (4 months) is only RM3500 from PTPTN. My school fee for 1 semester was around RM1100. So after deducted my school fee, I will have only around RM 2400 to last for 4 month.

Every month, I have
House rent RM            130 x 4 = RM 520
Meal                   2.50 x 3 x 30 =       225
Flight ticket home MAS            =       350
Total                                      =      1095

All the money I left is only.... RM 1305......
Every month, I can only spend RM 326.25 for leisure....
Precious... Every cent was very precious.... 

During that time, having a mobile phone is consider a luxury and calling 1 second was very popular back then. 1 second call will not cost you anything. So many people will make a call with just one word and hang up. If they have a long message to convey, they will have to make many 1 second call.

 *Ring* *ring* 'come'. 
            *Ring* *ring* 'pick'.
                     *Ring* *ring* 'me'.
                           *Ring* *ring* 'up'.
                                  *Ring* *ring* 'hurry'.

 *Ring* *ring* 'I'. 
            *Ring* *ring* 'love'.
                     *Ring* *ring* 'you'.

So when if I got robbed and need help, I will called my friend for help like this.
*Ring* *ring* 'Help!'. 
            *Ring* *ring* 'I'.
                     *Ring* *ring* 'got'.
                           *Ring* *ring* 'robbed'.
                                        *Ring* *ring* 'I'.
                                           *Ring* *ring* 'at'. 
                                                *Ring* *ring* 'behind'.
                                                            *Ring* *ring* 'Ayub'.
Then my friend will call back.

*Ring* *ring* 'Which'. 
           *Ring* *ring* 'Ayub?'.

*Ring* *ring* '3'.

My friend:
        *Ring* *ring* 'I'. 
            *Ring* *ring* 'don't'.
                     *Ring* *ring* 'know'.
                           *Ring* *ring* 'ayub'.
                                   *Ring* *ring* '3'.
                                        *Ring* *ring* 'can'. 
                                               *Ring* *ring* 'I'.
                                                  *Ring* *ring* 'Ask'.
                                                        *Ring* *ring* 'my'. 
                                                              *Ring* *ring* 'friend'.                                                                                           *Ring* *ring* 'go'. 

#$%&!@)*tahi!!@$@$&^ bersetubuhan sama kamu#$^&
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Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi! I never use I-talk prefer to chat.......BTW tq for commenting on my site! Have a very nice day!

Ghosty Nana said...

Prefer to chat too now. 5 years ago, not many people have internet.
Thx for your comment too. :D A big smile for u!

bubbleberry said...

wadda by the time u finish 1 sec lol so many thing can happen haha .. i use to hack the public's phone to get free usage lol

Ghosty Nana said...

1 sec call can be very annoying too..
hack public phone is high skill! will have to learn from you!

Anonymous said...

Wahseh, tough life out there for u, Nana~!!

Ghosty Nana said...

Was bit tough, but considered fortunate than many people. The experience makes me tougher and appreciate for all I have and all I am now!

To think about it, actually not really tough.. get to eat otak otak, roti canai cheese, can go shopping at Jaya Jusco, watched kite competition, travel to almost every states in Peninsular Malaysia, walked for 45 mins from uni to house.. quite unique experience!