Oct 4, 2009

Lesson about Minesweeper

I am so bad about teaching. Always ran out of patience when I teach someone. Although I always laugh when I teach, my students always feel intimidated by my loud voice. My juniors always think I am a lioness when I taught them ... ^ ^'''

This is my 1st attempt in writing manual on my blog. Hopefully no one will be scare of minesweeper after reading my manual...

My 1st trial in playing minesweeper was when I was around age 16. My brother taught me how to play it just by saying, "all you need to do is click click." Of course, I catch no ball. What an instruction of play is that! Click click???

My 2nd attempt was when I am at uni at age 17. My kind housemate taught me all about minesweeper. She didn't just said click click and I did catch all click click.

Introduction to Minesweeper! 

< Beginner                      


Minesweeper is very cute because it has a smiley face. It is smiling when no bomb explode and sad when you found the bomb. Just click the smiley when you feel like starting a new game. Don't be shy in clicking it.

At left top, there is a box count of how many bombs in a minesweeper.

At top right, there is a box count of how much time used to complete a game. Please try to finish it as as soon as possible.

There are 3 levels - beginner, intermediate and expert. Some people like to challenge themselves to finish beginner level in just couple second. Oooooffff! Their finger must be like bullet and with very good luck in clicking.

Goal - finish a.s.a.p without tripping over a bomb, or else you will lost a limb or 2 limbs or your life.


Please do not get intimidated by so many small boxes. It is not a confined place with limited oxygen, so don't get agitated and breathe normally.

what does that '1' doing there? Does it mean anything? Let's zoom in before any further explanation.

This '1' means there is only 1 bomb at its surrounding box. 

This will happen when  you click click and found a bomb.

No limb lost, just a sad smiley face. No one will want a sad smiley face. so try to make it happy as long as we can.

Now we know how to estimate the location of bombs just by looking at numbers. What do we do to acknowledge the existence of a bomb?
It is easy. Just right click the box. Flagged it!

That is all about minesweeper. My 2 cents is that this game is about luck, fact finger clicking and how friend is your eyes with your mind.
My luck is only 0.1 %. I have to play 200 times to win once!

Happy sweeping!

Oh yeah! I just remember that mines = bombs. That's why it is called minesweeper!
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