Jul 5, 2011

Egyptian in Miri

"Everyone here looks like you!"

That is what claimed by my Egyptian colleagues, and this is their 1st time in the country. Fortunately Miri is the 1st city to leave 1st impression of Malaysia in their heart.

"Everyone here is rich, no one walk by the street."

"It is raining, it is like winter in Egypt."

"Why can't I smoke in shopping center? In Egypt, we can smoke in shopping center."
Because this is Malaysia. When I was in Egypt, I have to go by Egyptian law. Same for you when you are in Malaysia.
"So you are taking revenge now"
Yeah, hiek hiek hiek hiek (evil laugh). No smoking for you. 

It is easy to notice us with 2 super tall men. Everyone looks at us because quite loud when one exclaimed that he wants to find a Malaysian lady and get married in Malaysia.

Everyone looks like me here because there are many Malaysian Chinese in the city. Have to admit that some natives have small eyes and fair skin too.

Everyone here looks like me, as everyone there looks like you.

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foongpc said...

Foreigners especially Caucasians have this problem - they can't differentiate one Malaysian from another of the same sex. LOL!