Jul 6, 2011

Hello Habibi

Fun with phone..

What do you do when a stranger called you at 5.50am and call you Maria? 
(not applicable to those whose name is Maria)
 "Wrong number." Hang up.
 Prepare to go to work

Hello, yes, this is AC. May I know who are you looking for?
"Hi, I am looking for you."
Me?... How may I help you?
"I want to invite you to dinner."
.... dinner..I have to eat my dinner at home. My mum already cook for me.... Are you looking for Mr. X?
"How do you know I want to talk to Mr.X?"
I wanted to say because I am smart, but I didn't. Instead I told him I will connect him to Mr. X.

Thanks, Bye~~~
Boss: Why are you so sweet when calling him?
mmm... Maybe can get discount. Maybe have free gifts such as mouse pads, eraser or anything...



[SK] said...

oh habibi, you mean you flirt with the stranger over the phone?? haha, that's so "sweet" of you huh.. for me, as long as i know it's a wrong number, i'll just say so and hang up, won't waste my time talking too much..

[SK] said...

even those telemarketing, though i try to always be nice but i always find the chance to turn them down and then say "thank you, bye bye".. i really hate those who called up and sell me things, not once but repeatedly..

[SK] said...

there's also once i received a call, before i can even say hello, the lady on the other end already shouted "eih, you jangan kacau gua punya jantan huh!!" wakakakaka, i was so puzzled, and of course facing this firey chick, i have to be more courteous, and told her wrong number.. :D

Naomi said...

[SK], aiyo where have flirt, I hung up also ma. or pretend I am Maria. yes have to be polite so wont downgrade ourself. we so upgrade one. hahhaha

Bengbeng said...

it is oways prudent to b polite on the phone.