Jul 30, 2011

Never ending.. END

Two person talked to each other for a while and start to end their virtual conversation.

A: I c. So we will talk about that next time.

B: Yes, sure.

A: Thank you for your explanation.

B: You are most welcome.

A: I am sorry that you have to spend your precious time explaining to me.

B: It is my pleasure and it doesn't bother me at all.

A: So till next time.

B: Next week will do.

A: Chat next week then.

B: Ok.

A: Sorry to trouble you again.

B: It is ok

A: See you

B: see you

A: thanks

B:Thanks for listening by the way

A: Hahahaha welcome

B: Most welcome

A: Good night

B: good night

A: see you

B: bye

A: Have a nice day!

B: you tooo.

A: Bye

B: Bye


AmirFX said...

Your boyfriend?

[SK] said...

obviously both are very polite, or perhaps both has just made an acquaintance.. if close friends, for sure just only "ok lah, ok lah, bye!!" and hang up~~ :p