Jul 31, 2011

Coffee break at Saigon

A coffee break at early morning of our 1st day of  Saigon.

Finally chaos is over. Finally we can be relieved from life as a prey. 

This old lady was very kind to us. At 1st thought, "Is she kind to us because she wants something from us?"
I can't shake off that mentality of everyone is kind for a purpose after so many days around Vietnam.
Especially of what occur to us when we went to Sapa.

Nevertheless, she didn't ask for anything special other than to pay for our own coffee. 

She even told us the secret of Vietnamese coffee. 
Brew the coffee and left it frozen overnight!

As you see in the photo, coffee is pour out from a bottle and it is thick as malt.

With condensed milk and ice cube, and it is ready.

This coffee break is just a disguise of Hanoi.
Nightmare still continues in Hanoi!
2 person hit me in Saigon market!!!


CWMartin said...

Why are you back in Vietnam? Don't you still have bruises from the last trip?

Ghostynana said...

This photo is from last trip. Not going back that soon. My piggy bank is still empty

[SK] said...

vietnamese coffee is one of their famous stuffs, lucky you to have somebody treat you on that, and gotta know the secrets of the coffee.. hmmm, but you were hit in the market?? why?? because you are too beautiful?? :p

Naomi said...

We have to pay it. hahahha. hit at market because I refused to buy their stuff http://ghostynana.blogspot.com/2011/05/ouch-ouch-souvenir-from-vietnam.html

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

yea can see the coffee is really thick! :o

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Lovely coffee. Did you get a few Phins?

Naomi said...

yeah, make you spin for a while, then sober for the rest of the day

Naomi said...

Sarawakiana, I didn't get any pints back, this was not the last stop, bags are full.