Jun 21, 2011

Cheap life

"Wow, nice dress!
Where did you buy it from?"
I bought this from the stalls, 1st floor, above that wet market. Very cheap oooo

"Wow, nice blouse!
Where did you buy it from?"
It is a gift from a friend, very cheap one.

"Wow, interesting bag!
How much?"
Very cheap one, only RM10

One word


AmirFX said...

Haha.. Agreed...

suituapui said...

A wise consumer...

CWMartin said...

long live cheapskates!

Ghostynana said...

STP, CWMartin, long live cheapskate consumer!!

foongpc said...

Who cheapskate? You? Haha!!
But I think as long as you like it, then cheap is good! : D

Naomi said...

ME! hahahah yes as long as happy and not too weird