Dec 19, 2011

Dusun Wedding in Keningau

Last November, my cousin, Fread get married with his beloved one. His beloved one is from Keningau. We joined his troop to Keningau to fetch the bride. Another wedding ceremony in Keningau.

My cousin is from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and does not live in Keningau. It is a tradition to fetch the bride from her maiden home to the groom's home. Because Kota Kinabalu is too far, they use bride's grandmother house as her maiden home, and bride's father house as groom's house.

Bride is hidden in this house. Forget to mention that bride's ethnicity is Dusun. This is the first time to witness wedding in Dusun's culture. Actually almost same as this post, the groom won't get the bride easily.

It was a long wait for the groom and his gang to arrived. The kids started to entertain themselves by plucking rambutan (hairy fruit). Quite sweet. hehehhe

  Finally the groom came and try to pass thru the gate. At 1st phase, the groom were given a poem (pantun), and he have to answer with a poem too. Passed!

2nd phase, the groom have to give RM 19.15. Time to collect money!

Finally they can enter the house. To get in, the have to drink the wine. This is homemade wine (tapai), fermented of some natural food (rice, or potato, or coconut). This is the toll fee. This is 1st time the wine is served in bamboo stick.

In the house, the groom have to choose his bride from covered cloth. He has to give RM10 for a guess. As you can see he get it right at his 1st guess.

They were seated and food were served. Rice in leaf along with stew meat.

Sweet gesture between bride and groom.

The groom succeeded fetch the bride and they proceed to the groom's house.

It is not easy to go back the groom house too. Don't ask me why. It is the tradition.
The bride was covered with a cloth when they were walking to the house.

 Bride's grandmother greeted by relative.

Not sure is this a tradition for the groom to hide under the cloth, or he is just having fun.

Everyone have to pay toll fee again. hehehe.
This wine can caused headache if not used to it. I drank 2 sticks around 4.30pm. By 11 pm, I had tremendous headache and almost vomit!

Meat are served after we drink the wine.

Wherever there are kids, there are rambutan!


foongpc said...

Oh! Must be interesting to drink wine from the bamboo sticks! : )

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Lovely story and pictures!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Lovely story and pictures!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Lovely story and pictures!!

[SK] said...

when is your turn?? haha.. it's the same with the chinese, we have to bring the bride to the groom's house, if that's too far away, she can be settled down in a hotel also..

CWMartin said...

I love these wedding posts! The groom seemed very happy- and very funny! I wish them a long and happy marriage.

Naomi said...

Panda foong, yes it is. and it is sweet wine.

Thanks, Sarawakiana.

SK. Yes it is same. my turn is when you marry me lo. When is your turn?

Martin, hahaha funny? They are sporting couple.

Bananazą®‡ said...

This is interesting having almost the same culture like Chinese. Question, what if they can't find 5sen to complete the task of RM19.15? The groom goes home and comes back another day haha. Am sure the bride's side must have them on standby just in case. tQ

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Playing hard to get but fun!