Dec 7, 2011


I have a confession...
I used to have short-sighted...
I used to wear glasses....

No longer I need glasses.
Thanks to Optimax KK!

I have been thinking to do Lasik for 2 years. But I was scare.
Everytime I google about Lasik and 

saw this..

Just thinking of blade slicing my cornea gives me the chill.

Finally I had the courage to do it, because my brother did it, and nothing happen.

I used to read there is free eye check, but no longer have.

I underwent 2 eyecheck before the treatment.

1st eyecheck
Cost RM 120, and it is compulsory.
Check thickness of cornea, to determine which is the most suitable treatment.
Look for any scar on cornea.
Test degree of eyes (stressed eyes & stress-free eyes)
Pupil will dilated when eyes are stress free. This mean eyes are sensitive and have blur vision.
Check eye pressure.
Thickness of my cornea is adequate for me to go for lasik conventional or lasik customised.

2nd eyecheck
Due to high pressure on my right eye, glacoma is suspected causing my eye nerve to be bigger than usual and higher pressure.
2nd check for glaucoma.
Result is non-glaucoma.
Cost: RM 150

Treatment scheduled on 25 Nov 2011.


AmirFX said...

Aaa.. I still scared to do lasik.. errrghh...

[SK] said...

wow, congratulations!! now you can see the world clearly everyday when you you wake up opening your eyes!!

i wanted to do that too, but then really have too much to consider yeah??

CWMartin said...

I tkae it everything went well. Good for you!

Ovonel said...

buapa ya cost sikarang.

Naomi said...

SK, you are not working now, so you do it. you only need rest for 1 week, 2nd week onward, you can see but not too clear.

Martin, all went well. Thanks.

Ovonel, depends on which treatment you opt to.