Sep 26, 2010

MIA again for a while

Reasons of MIA from blogging:
@ busy until working 6 am - 8 pm most of the days. After work, too tired to online. When working, no time to online.
@ Recently, can't facebooking.
@ Can't accesss many blogs. So I read blogs using google reader. Hence can't comment.
@ Brain is always dried after work.


Danny said...

get more rest.. then you have the energy to blog more :)
take care :))

AmirFX said...

GAagagaaa... Aiyooo.. Kecian tgk awak.. hehe.. Maybe next time u get some holiday n take a good rest...

[SK] said...

what??!! working 6am-8pm?? that's unbelievable, you can survive with virtually no sleep at all??

Kelvin said...

Maybe u can wake up early to blog?

Take care wor.

Anonymous said...

u need to get laid LoLz.

Ghosty Nana said...

Thanks, Danny.

amirFX, sebenarnya dah cuti lama sebelum ni. :P

SK, sleep 9-5am.

Kelvin, Kelvin, i rather go gym if only i can wake up.

ANonymous, get laid with?