Jan 10, 2016


2015 can be concluded as interesting and stressful year. 

Life is interesting and fun. I participated in many activities and 

1. Pick wild fern - midin

2. Decorate cake competition - won 1st place

3. Finished 1st charity run - 5 km 

3. Watched 24 Festive drum competition

4. Play Escape Room - it is like the game application

5. Cousins' wedding dinners in Sabah and Sibu. 

6. Went to pick durian and rambutan in Sibu. Killed 3 mosquitos in a slap.

7. a friend came from KL - spent overnight with her and visit a uni senior

8. Went to Kuching and KL for a day.......

9. Travel from Miri to Kuching with many senior ladies and gentlemen, by bus.

10. Know many new friends

At the end of 2015, God gave me what I need. :)


CWMartin said...

Laurie's niece works for something like those escape rooms. Was it fun?

If you got three mosquitos in one shot, I'd say the deep woods off was in need.

"At the end of 2015, God gave me what I need. :)" Glad to hear it. May His blessings on you continue.

Ghostynana said...

It was interestinv because it is dark and have to think hard to escape. It gave the feeling of being trapped