Nov 22, 2010

Public Park in Miri

I am someone from Miri. A small town. I wrote about Miri for a contest before, you can read here
I love Miri because it is so small, but too small.

In Miri, whenever friends and relatives come visiting, we would bring them to visit parks. I used to bring my friend to library....

Among many parks in Miri, I like this park. No special reason for liking it.

In this park, their water fountain is int the shape of 'donkey's head. 'Donkey' is a drilling equipment for land oil drilling. You can see many 'donkeys' in Brunei. However in near future, these 'donkey' will start appearing in Miri.

In this park, there is a high tower which looks like an oil rig. It kind of looks like Grand Old Lady, first oil well in Malaysia. Many couples came here for dating because it is very dark up there at night. It is romantic to date here with the stars and no one can recognise them.

Here comes the interesting thing. I like this slides because it is high. Around 5 years ago, my dad and I played the slides. I know we were not young. But who says only young kids can play slides. It is extremely exciting when turning at the corner. wooooooofoooooooooooo.... IT was very fun.

This can be a nice place for wedding photograph, if only there are no rubbish hanging around. Can't figured out how someone would throw the rubbish up. Are they testing the rule of gravity?

Actually the main attraction of this park is their hanging bridge. There are many hanging bridges connected with each other. Really can sweat a lot walking around this park. Not a good park for those who are acrophobia.

The name of this park is Taman Awam (Public Park). The park is sending the message of 'Keep Clean' by arranging many many rubbish bins in front of the sign. This is my favorite photo because of all the rubbish bins. I love rubbish bins. 


AngeL BeaR said...

owh...never visited fact, haven't set foot in sarawak yet! will find some friends and time to go's a must! =)

AmirFX said...

Aaa.. I've been there before.. But there's a lot of stray dogs.. Hope u didn't find any..

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I did not stop smiling from the second photo onwards!! Cheers!

What 's the point of having a very expensive sign board if they let the rubbish bins cover it up?

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

ohh nice park! :) i can feel the peaceful-ness. lol

Small Kucing said...

when i go there will you bring me to those park or not? :D

Bananazஇ said...

oh they are donkey! thought hammer head haha. Eeee the dustbin got no cover breeding ground for mossies..

Kelvin said...

Looks like a nice place to relieve stress:)

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Uh, Miri...I went there a few times and I still like Miri. I think the town is much easier to get around compared to Kuching. But then, I don't really like the hot weather there since it's near the sea.

But why didn't i go to this park huh? If I ever come to Miri, I will try my best to find this park. It looks beautiful. Among the photos you took, I love the photo no. 2. especially the blue sky.

With all the rubbish bins, I hope visitors and Mirians will keep the park clean and not throw rubbish outside the bins.

Anyway, have a nice day yeah?

[SK] said...

this one looks like a nice park, very clean and well maintained as well.. can't see any in KL.. and those are call "donkey", i thot they are hammers~~ :D

[SK] said...

that tower looks nice, i mean the photo you took.. so you are always up there to see the stars in a romantic ambience?? hahaha~~ :p

Ghosty Nana said...

Angel Bear, Miri can be boring. You can ask Leanna. hehehe

AmirFX, not many nowadays. I think they were captured

Sarawakiana, forgot bout the long bean?

Ghosty Nana said...

Caroline, yes it is peaceful.

Small Kucing, yes I will. Your boy would love it.

Bananaz, we call them donkey, I call them dinosour. surprisingly no water inside the bin. maybe bocor.

Ghosty Nana said...

Caroline, yes it is peaceful.

Small Kucing, yes I will. Your boy would love it.

Bananaz, we call them donkey, I call them dinosour. surprisingly no water inside the bin. maybe bocor.

Ghosty Nana said...

Kelvin, Yes, you can play the slides. After play sure no stress.

willie, yes kind of because it is smaller. It is hot because higher latitude, nearer to equator.
It is on the way to airport from town, beside the main road. Just slow down when up the hill.
I love photo no 2 too. hehehe. they keep clean by throwing the rubbish up.

[SK], I call them dinosour. KL's air so poluted. Miri not that poluted. Only there few times, when I bring friends and relative there. Belum ada bf take me there. hehehe.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I think you are giving me a chance to show off the looooong beans!!thanks.

Ghosty Nana said...

yes, have to reserve for you. cos i sayang you