Nov 13, 2010

111111 Single Day

On my way to a farewell dinner tonight, radio DJs are talking about lightning wedding in just 20 days after the 1st meting
There was a quiz. From this quiz, supposed that we can know if one day, we are going to have an emergency wedding, what would be the reason.
QUESTION: Among these answers, which advance from a man would make you think it is sexual harassment? (For ladies, I suppose)
(A) Touching at your waist       (B) Touching your face       (C) Pinching your butt     (D) Touching your hand
(A) Lightning wedding from true love.
(B) Lightning wedding due to circumstance. Some get married to save the relationship, or to ensure the relationship is getting stronger even in bad environment.
(C) Lightning wedding due to pregnant.
(D) Get married just because of rebellion instinct.
This quiz is not reliable at all. Pinching the butt is sexual harassment obviously!!
anyway, 11 nov is single day for man according to this site So I am safe


Jong said...

Lol~~~~I picked B but if someone ever pinch me on the butt. Then i'll definitely 'touch' his face and for sure there'll be 'spark' flying around.

Ghosty Nana said...

hahaha. that would be wedding of lightning and thunder, along with earthquake!!