Jun 26, 2010

Wait with action or be a patient?

Actually I am waiting for my blog anniversary... My first post was written on 29 Sept 2009. Still long from now and so far I wrote more than 200 posts. Still waiting.. I am practicing the virtue of patience.

Actually it is very hard for me to sit and wait for something to happen. When I want something, and if it requires waiting, I will wait but wait with action. Wait with action is just a fancy term for not waiting or being impatient.

Taking applying a job for example. After you submit your resume along with your cover letter, do you just wait and see? When you are determined to enter into certain company, will you still wait and see?

Looking back to the time when I was applying my first proper job, after sending my resume, I kept my mobile phone with me all the time, and kept it fully charged, waiting for the call for interview. After the interview, I was so eager to know the result. From time to time, I would look at the number of the boss, with my thumb on the call button. Every time I almost make the call, I would tell myself that he need some space and time. Giving him the duration of 2 weeks... When the times is up, I called to know the status of my application. 
 When you call to ask the status of your application, you can actually annoyed the employer. So I wised up by saying I need to give my boss one month notice before I can quit the current job. Good boss would understand that.

Wait and see is a torturing task. I tend to wait with action.

However as the number of the age kept changing, same goes with attitude.
When you are sitting in a waiting room, just wait, staring in the blank space, with opened mouth, saliva drooping from the side of the lips, doing nothing.

This behaviour make it easier for evil stuff to possess you, so don't wait in this behaviour.

Wait with eyes open, looking around, not talking much, be alert with things happening around, writing notes, drink a cup of coffee, keep a smiling face, make small talk, giving the impression that you are smart and full of mystery.

Is this better?

This is called wait with observation or so call be patient and not becoming a psychiatric patient.

Here is a bench, please sit and wait. Photograph taken in a homestay in Sabah, It is a longhouse.


suituapui said...

I will wait. No need for action. I am patient (provided I am in no hurry for something else - in which case, I will be temperamental and grumpy)... There will come a time when we will wish we had more time to wait...and wait... Time flies!

Ghosty Nana said...

STP, yes, it is a lesson to be learn. Hard to wait, but it is not impossible. The right timing will come. Yalor, time flies.

AmirFX said...

Waiting is torture... haha... Like wait to be seated... Bila lah mau duduk kan?!

Garfield said...

sometimes, there is something that causing humans to unable to wait, and made humans become nervous and did the wrong things by overdone it...

have seen a lot cases like this b4.
when these ppl wait, the opportunity just slips away in front of their eyes...

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Ouch! Penantian suatu penyiksaan. Muahahaha

[SK] said...

wow, you already have 200 posts in less than a year, that is a very big accomplishment!! three months is very quick to come, so you are doing something big for your blog's anniversary??

[SK] said...

hmmm, i agree with you sometimes we still have to stay alert while waiting for something.. but there are also times and cases where there is really nothing you can do beside waiting.. life is difficult, most of the time, we are not the one that can control what is going to happen..

Ghosty Nana said...

AmirFX, kaki pun jadi lenguh kerana tunggu lama.

Garfield, really have to know when to wait, when to wait with action. Lifelong learning.

Reptoz, macam tunggu isteri beranak?

[SK], yes, wrote many post when 1st started blogging. Blog anniversary.. maybe ask you belanja me makan. kekeke
I believe you are a patient person.

Bananazą®‡ said...

Reason my boss told me I got the job was becoz I called them a few times.

Well for waiting for ppl I am OK if got books to read or laptop on the desk to kill my time. If sitting on a chair without things to occupy my mind susahlingam lah..haha.

Kelvin said...

Patience is a virtue^^

Ghosty Nana said...

Bananaz, actually I read bout follow up when applying for a job is one of job hunting tips.
memang susahlingam if nothing to do while waiting. For me, I like to observe people and read while waiting n public.

Ghosty Nana said...

Kelvin, sure it is a virtue, which is hard to master..