Jun 20, 2010

It is Father's Day, so skip a lizard's post

May and June is parent's months. Mother's Day in May, Father's Day in June.

Normally when parent's months are coming nearer, my dad will look sulky, complaining 
  • mother's day is always more significant comparing to Father's Day 
  • complaining children will only call mother when they reach a place safely (my dad is a taxi driver, so he always see passengers calling mother only), no matter how old that children is.
Then we will know Father's day is coming or his birthday is coming soon. We usually celebrate Father's Day earlier because we usually are busy on Father's Day. haizzz......

My dad had worked hard to see all of us graduated from university. It was never easy to earn a living to raise 5 children. Lucky for my dad to marry such a smart wife, wise financially. Frankly, money is never enough. It is only by spending wisely, money can be enough.

Ok back to my dad. 

My dad is very strict with my brothers and rarely laugh with them, but he always joked with us, his daughters. You may think taxi driver is ignorant people, but my dad knows everything on street. I actually learned a lot from my dad. He used to tell me all his ancient stories, his life without mother, how he met my mother, his working experience. He once told me that I can write a biography of his life. So much to learn from his experiences.

When we were small, we will call "PAPA" when he came back home, and he will answered us with a sweet, "oiiiiiiii". Now only have our dog welcoming him when he came home. Thanks to my bro, having spent time to celebrate Father's Day in our place. Sorry, Dad.

It is my parents who taught me how to be a person who is street smart. Although they can be too controlling, still they are parents. My dad said we children are always baby in parent's eyes.

My dad won't be perfect without my mother. Hence, it is quite hard to write about my dad without mentioning my mother.

That's my dad when we visited my friend's house (longhouse) in Sibu.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers!


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

Happy Daddy's Day to ur daddy! =D

Ghosty Nana said...

Happy daddy's day to your dad too. thanks!

[SK] said...

yeah i somehow agree that mother's day is more significant and more celebrated than father's day.. why leh?? haha, no answer for that..

[SK] said...

guess perhaps your dad always want to groom your bro, that's why he's always more serious to him than to the daughters.. and i salute him for bringing up all 5 of you just with his taxi driver's life..

Ghosty Nana said...

That's what my dad always complained about. Dad is more like labourer in a family, only work work work. mother is like president

[SK] said...

just tell your dad: we don't need to celebrate only on father's day, but to us, everyday is father's day!! :)

Ghosty Nana said...

Male with male, too much ego more likely..
Yes yes, just comfort him with them and he still labour. Maybe told him labour day actually is Father's day too.