Jun 16, 2010

Bad blogger in promoting good stuff - Freshlook illuminates contact lense

I am a bad blogger, always give outdated information to my readers.

Haizzzz (sighiiinnnnnnnnnng).

In the beginning of May, I found a site which was giving out 3 pair of contact lenses for free. Ironically, I knew it when I found it accidentally in someone's blog. I supposed to blog about it, but I totally forgot about it. Another excuse is that I was not sure it is real or not, as there is no free lunch in the world.

APPARENTLY, There is a free lunch, not a free lunch but 3 lunches exactly.

Fresh look was promoting  illuminate contact lenses, it is disposable. It can enlarge your eyes. Its site is http://www.freshlookilluminate.com.

That time it gave out 3 pair for free, by just answering 2 easy questions. But now no more such offer.

After waiting for almost a month, on 24 May 2010, I received an envelope with 3 pairs of contact lenses.

It is a miracle that the cases still in good condition, guess no one sat on them.

Along with it, I get a coupon which due in July.

As nerdy as I can be, I seldom wear contact lenses.

So I only wore it on 12 June, on my cousin's wedding day, at Tuaran, Sabah.

It makes me look like my sister who has bigger eyes. If you look carefully, you can differentiate my iris from the contact lenses. My eyes are more brown.

Too bad no more offer for 3 free trial pair, which is a better bargain comparing to one pair of free trial.

Sorry. Sorry.


[SK] said...

haiz!!! i hate you for not blogging this earlier, else i would have got my three pairs of free lens too.. come, show your palm, teacher beat beat~~ hahaha :D

Ghosty Nana said...

[SK], don't cry, later mei mei buy you candy. Teacher memang fierce o

Garfield said...

dun have that kind like blue color ones, or that kind like tiger eyes ones ar?
that kind looks like more syok to wear also ler

Ghosty Nana said...

Garfield, all we can do is wait wait or google for free tiger eyes or blue eyes.