Jul 2, 2010

What kind of man will I marry?

After being away from Toastmaster for a while, I am back again. 

In the session of Tabletopic. In this session, topic will be given randomly and had to talk about the topic on the spot for around 2 mins. 
Unluckily, the topic I get was about, 'what kind of man will I marry?'
Should I just show this photo?

Criteria of A boyfriend
-knows how to cook
-Able to bear the expense of my life
- have luxury car
-have superbike
Please email or MMS photos of your cat, luxury car and superbike to me

Of course I didn't show the photo to them. I only said the most important thing is that the man has to be a man. With the current advance technology, you will never know for sure.

Everyone must have their dream spouse in their mind before they go poaching for one. I am not sure about my dream guy. Even if I am sure about my dream guy, I won't write it here down for all to see.

Maybe someone like Harrison Ford (younger version) is my dream guy..

Judging from the word 'dream guy', it is only available in dream. 
In reality, it is hard to pursue perfection, in term of looking for a spouse.


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hello GNana,

such a long list of your dream man. Did not know u join toastmaster. I attended their meetings one or two times but did not sign up for it. Hahaha

I had a few criteria of a woman before i got married and I am grateful that my wife now has almost all of them. I hope i meet my wife's criteria too. Hahaha

p/s: You're not married yet?

AmirFX said...

Dream will be a dream.. haha.. But tak salah mencuba untuk mencari yg terbaik...

[SK] said...

yeah, dream guy is the guy in your dream, you are right.. in fact, let's be realistic, if you set your expectation too high, chances is that you won't be able to get anything closer also.. come to be basic of it, just let destiny come to your way and be happy for somebody who will really love you.. :)

Garfield said...

I do believe dreams can becomes true, if the persons who own the dream, wanted it to becomes true...

Ghosty Nana said...

Hi Reptoz, hahaha, that list is a ridiculous list I saw on a shirt in Kuching!
I just join TM this year, to fill my free time. When your wife loves you, you are more important than the criteria.
P/s:not married.

AmirFX, tak salah tapi kalau dream yang keterlaluan mungkin terlalu keterlaluan.

[SK], Yeah, that's why it is just criteria in dream. Physical and material are easy to get comparing to true love.

Garfield, who is your dream girl? Mariah carey-look-alike?

suituapui said...

Know how to cook? Eeeee...then I qualify! LOL!!! No Mr. or Ms Perfect, it's all about giving and taking - then only will it work. Life is a bed of roses...with all the thorns!

Ghosty Nana said...

STP, you have the highest qualification!! Speaking as a married man, always right! Life is about rose and thorn, especially a married life.

Garfield said...

needless to say, of course someone who makes me a dream

Ghosty Nana said...

Garfield, hahaha. make you dream before married, make you sleep after married?