Jul 20, 2010

Kids in love with me - Sunday

Last weekend, went out with a friend for shopping. We end up buying nothing and took nothing home except McD in our stomach. So call window shopping. 

When I was standing at the entrance of a shop, standing and looking at something, someone beside me pat my handbag. It is the little girl who was with her mother, standing there, giving me a sweet smile, as if she knows me. I looked at her mother, maybe I know her mother. Her mother didn't even noticed that she pat my handbag. I gave her a sweet smile, and she and her mother left me standing there in confusion.

At evening, while having dinner at  restaurant, a little boy suddenly stand apposite of me, across the big table, shouting bye to me. No one is behind me and he is looking at me. So I am sure he is saying bye to me. Then his dad suddenly appeared behind him, ushered him to go home.

Those kids makes me wonder maybe there is someone else who looks like me. Or they think I am familiar because I am as cute as Dorami.

or maybe I look like their classmate. :P


[SK] said...

haha, dorami!! she's cute isn't she?? or maybe the kids think you look like their teacher?? :p

Ghosty Nana said...

Doraemon is cute too. hehhehe. I also think I look like their teacher, But my sis said children won't think their teacher is cute.

Kelvin said...

Maybe u met 2 angels?

Ghosty Nana said...

Lucky me to meet 2 sweet angels.

Eric Lee said...

hmmm must be blessed with natural charm around kids...XD

Ghosty Nana said...

Usually kids cry when they look at me, but seems immore charming now. hehehe