Aug 11, 2010

Just chatted with a hacker

Here is a chat conversation between me and my friend's msn.

A: hi
A: Recently I took an IQ quiz. I found that I am smarter and I scored 101
Me: Is this a spam?
A: No
A: You can have the quiz here *link*

100% sure this is not from my friend!
I never thought I can chat with a hacker.
I guess with current technology, computer can be intelligent and even chat as it is alive.
Even it is from a friend, it can still be a spam. BEWARE!


[SK] said...

hahaha, i guess the hackers can write AI program to capture certain keyword and give a reply.. that's why you might only be "chatting" with the program and not a person~~

Goldfish Uncle said...

i wish i'm a hacker.... no need work liao... hack into banks

Merryn said...

eeeeeeek.. scary!

foongpc said...

Hi!! You are the No.2 top commenter in my blog - go choose your prize now so that the No. 3 top commenter can choose hers. SK already chosen his prize : )

Oh yeah, dun forget to email me your address so I can mail you the prize : )

Hotcakes said...

lol.. i experienced this ... too...

and the friend was someone whom i havent spoken to a long time.

and the link was obviously some sort of a scam/virus-ish

Isley Chang~ said...

ya lor..

sometime i held back myself and thinking back why i didn't take an IT degree course back my in uni life...

Ghosty Nana said...

[SK], Are you a hacker too? You are the perfect suspect. hahaha

Goldfish uncle, have to have hacker and people to be hack. If everyone is a hacker, hacker also no business.

Merryn, very scary virtual world.

foongpc, thanks for informing me. :)

Hotcakes, same for me too, that friend is also someone I haven't talk for long time.

Isley, no worries, [SK] didn't study IT before, but he is It expert now.

Bengbeng said...

i dont qualify to b a hacker yet... but i will work on it hehe

Ghosty Nana said...

hahahah, Gambate in becoming a hacker!