Aug 29, 2010

Are you lonely tonight? *wink*

"The last thing I want is to live and die alone", by T(H)(B)

I am sure that no one wants a lonely life.

Somehow many singles do not feel lonely
.....until someone around asked about it
.....until when everyone is busy with their family and left you alone
.....until you read an romantic article
.....until you are happy and no one to share it with
.....until you read this post
Only then you would wish that you are not lonely.

How many people dare to admit they are lonely?
Not many people dare to admit because no benefit out of the confession.

Bear in mind, lonely does not only happen when you are alone. Even when in the midst of a crowd of friends, you still can felt lonely.

When someone said he/she is lonely to opposite sex, it may possibly understood he/she wants a sex adventure. Hence when you see a person is laughing weirdly and having dreamy eyes, don't tell that person that you are lonely, unless you want sex from that person.

Lonely can be just a word used when the person needs companion and listener. lalalalala



[SK] said...

lonely, i am so lonely, i have nobody, for my own~~

well, i agree with you.. lonely is just an "excuse" to use when we need somebody's companion.. if we are all alone busy and want to have our own time, that's not call lonely right?? :p

Ghosty Nana said...

hahaha, nice voice, I can hear your voice here. hehehe

That is call busy, of course not lonely. Lonely is when you can't hear any voice, not even your own voice.

AmirFX said...

Aaaa.. Lonely is just a word... But sometimes loneliness makes u feel more to overcome the fear of loneliness.. Wasehhh..

Ghosty Nana said...

waseh, macam dah besar... berapa umur dah?

Cyril Dason said...

I thought this was about the song by Elvis.. love the song.. but this quote is interesting "When someone said he/she is lonely to opposite sex, it may possibly understood he/she wants a sex adventure" waaahhhh

Ghosty Nana said...

Cyril, tak percaya? cubalah, then tell me how is the response.