Aug 24, 2010


31 August, Malaysia Independent Day is coming. It may also be my last day of freedom from work.

I will be going to a place something related to genital stuck in long stick. You have to watch more Discovery or National Geographic channel to guess where is it. Or you can just type Irian Jaya at google search and click image. Now you know.....

I am only scare of one thing. MALARIA. I don't like to eat pills........ Risk my life or eat my pill? I prefer the choice of killing myself. If I am destined to die, I will die anyway. Sound dreadful, Isn't it?

According to dating tips, I can't complain about my life when I go dating. So should I create a fantasy work environment to talk about? Frankly work is not too bad, life is nothing anyway. You can even die in your sleep. 
Recently so many people died around me. I heard this words from my grandpa before, and I can't believe I just wrote it down. If someone is MIA (missing in action) for a while, the possibility of death may come into my mind. Perhaps this is how someone who had close encounter with death will think of. If you never fell from stairs, you won't think anyone can fall from stairs.

I think the title of this post should be DEATH! No? Yes?

I guess it is normal for a teenager to think how to kill itself. Flushing down into toilet? (too cartoon). Cut your vein? (Have to waste money to buy a sharp blade before I die?) Jump from a high building? (By the time I reach the building, I will lose my suicidal mood) Drink poison? (I don't like bitter drink)
I am scare of pain, so I won't commit suicide. Another reason that I won't think of committing suicide is because I am no longer a teenager.

Perhaps 'Careless with life' is a better phrase. I learned this phrase from Grey's Anatomy Season 4.

Whatever it is, just a phrase and rambling writing.


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

ahhh!! i oso fear of pain! so no way u can predict me to commit suicide! lol! choi choi choi!! y talking bout death during this month?!

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

i heard few ppl passed away within this month n last two days was my close relative summore. :(

[SK] said...

errr, why suddenly think about yourself being dead?? why suddenly thinking so negatively??

[SK] said...

if you don't like taking pills, then crush them and mix them with your food, rather than risking your life right??

chris federick said...

just drink dettol. Its actually kinda sweet xD

Ghosty Nana said...

Caroline, death is just a part of life. :P Actually same happen to me. Any relative live near beaufort?

[SK], don't know how it get there? One story lead to another story.
It is the side effect unbearable.

chris, aduh! Don't encourage people to drink that.

foongpc said...

Wow! Talking about death in this month of the Hungry Ghost? So many people died this month and you can see that around you.

But death is actually a beginning, not an end, I think. So we should be more positive about it! Maybe we are in The Matrix and we need to die to wake up!!! LOL!

Ghosty Nana said...

yes, so sad to see people passing away. haiya, back to the real world!!!