Aug 17, 2010

Meeting with William Ting After 3

After having disconnected from virtual world for some time, suddenly found out that I was featuring in williamting's blog.

Actually almost every week, sarawakiana and I would go out together in search of interesting object to blog about. Her connection with bloggers are vast comparing to mine. She does not just have virtual contact with the bloggers, She actually met most of them in person. So last week, she introduced me to the person behind williamting's blog. Mostly we snap snap photos.


Isn't he very mysterious? You can always get updated news of Miri from his blog, as if he is everywhere in Miri. Beware of the shadow of the dark alley... Don't worry, he is not Clark Kent.

After3 Junction

This is a new eatery in Miri. Miri spended whole lot of our money for this. Once upon a time, it was carpark. Then transformed to a typical open air cafeteria with RM 1 Sarawak dried noodle. Lately it had became a luxury-like air-conditioned eatery with RM 1 small kopi-o (black coffee), exclusive of 5% government tax. Perhaps in future it will become carpark again with RM 1 parking fee.

A3 worker eating

A3 kitchen

You are welcome to inspect their kitchen.

A3 Tree

Original big tree is not cut down, and it still stood proudly penetrating the roof of the eatery.

A3 Bamboo
The eatery is surrounded by small bamboo and it is so pleasant to the town. I am sure foongpc will enjoy eating here

Did you noticed there is a sedan chair in Willian Ting's blog? Here are some of the photos of it, excluding the cute girl in it.
A3 Hee

A3 red sedan chair accesory

Traditional ancient Chinese marriage always carry the bride to bridegroom's house using the sedan. It is no longer practical unless it is not a long distance between their house. Around 2 years ago, a family married off their daughter using this sedan. Bridegroom's house is just across 4 lanes of road opposite of the bride's house. Hence it is not a tough job to carry her to her future husband house, and also no need to sedan-sick for too long.


[SK] said...

kind of funny to see that old tree being "trapped" inside, by the roof, the tiles, and the messy boxes~~

[SK] said...

but i guess it should be a nice place to hang out, cos i see bamboo which kind of make me think they make effort to decorate..

[SK] said...

ok, maybe another year later, it will go back to the RM1 carpark.. hahaha!! :D

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

When we meet the writer of a blog, we will definitely blog seriously after that.

Ghosty Nana said...

[SK], this is tree restaurant, btw it is kitchen. Yes nice, have aircon.
hahaha, it always change, sometimes we felt that it is wasting money.

Reptoz..... are you talking bout me... being not serious before. hahaha

William said...

Thanks for posting my "mysterious" face!

You took very nice photos!

Ghosty Nana said...

Thanks, mysterious Wiliam. hahaha.

foongpc said...

That's funny! I mean the tree in the middle of the restaurant!

foongpc said...

And even funnier is me being mentioned here in relation to bamboo trees! I don't really like bamboo! Not all pandas like bamboo! Haha!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hahaha.thanks G.N. for gallivanting around Miri with me....
This is a very interesting post...nice thoughts...well done!

Ghosty Nana said...

foongpc, haiya small casey. In jb, there is a restaurant on tree.
Ayo, why don't you like bamboo. It is nice to eat. Not all panda like bamboo ahhh.

Sarawakiana@2, thank you for giving me a chance going out with you. Hope it is not like bringing a baby around. Thanks.