May 7, 2011

The troubled teenagers (1)

"That girl committed suicide before. Most probably because heart broken."

"That boy who killed the girl was my schoolmate. We used to hang out together. But that was before he started to use drug. He is so pitiful."

"High school students nowadays even sniffing drugs at the back while teacher is teacher at front. The teacher can't do anything about it."

How many of us did not think of committing suicide before when we were teenager? Such as committing suicide by flushing us down the toilet, eat Panadols, etc. But we didn't dare to do it. Suicide had become a leisure thing to do when a teen in depression. Suicide is no longer an adult thing. Life has become 'priceless' as in no value to most teens. We can't blame them too. When someone have no one to turn to, to share their feeling, it can be very depressing. When they think their parents are their enemy as well, it makes the matter worse. Even a simple word can drive them to death.

"You are useless, you are as well die than live in this world!"
"You are meaningless!"
"I regret in giving birth to you!"

... to be continue

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