May 21, 2014


When comes to choices, it is tough.

What will you do?

I will msg everyone I think I would want to talk about it.

And collect as much as opinion and suggestion from them.

Finally, make my own table of pro and con.

Then blindly make a decision.

I can always find other choices if I want.

Egoistic Nomi


Ensurai said...

Hahahaah Every morning when I want to drive to my office, I have to think, what's my choice today, take the left or the right road, since there are two roads to Miri. sometimes I will take the right because the left road leading to the city is under construction. but the right road is often jammed too because of an early morning rain leading to an accident. Left or right? Which one? How do you decide? Have a good day. God bless

Naomi said...

Each day take different route. Then can have variety in life.