Sep 17, 2011

another poo poo dream

Another dream...

Am in a toilet, a mobile toilet. this toilet will open its door in 20 minutes.
Once I am in the toilet, it started to shower water on me. Showering??
Looking at the toilet bowl. It disgust me. Typical Malaysia public toilet.
Showering water, but I am not wet.
Basket beside the bowl is full of  used toilet paper.. yuck...

Suddenly water stop showering. Just before I start to take off my pants, the door open.
20 minutes is up!

I really need to poo poo!!!!

I really wanted to do big business when I woke up!


AmirFX said...

Pooo pooo... Its gonna be serious when pooo poo time.. haha..

CWMartin said...

What a lovely way to start the day! I don't dream about public toilets- mine are problems with finding one. hitting it, and keeping other people from walking in when I do.

[SK] said...

luckily the door just opened when you started taking off your pants, else i guess you need to wash your bedsheet when you wake up instead~~ :D

Naomi said...

AmirFX, poo poo is good hahahah

Martin, that is very problem!!

SK, then no need to poo when wake up. hahhaha