Mar 9, 2015


I believe no one intended to be a backstabber. It is always happen accidentally. Most probably the source is female. 

Female have the tendency to grumble for the sake of venting off tension. The grumbling often misunderstood as fact, and ended up to be bad news. 

I like to grumble just for the sake of grumbling. When i grumbling, everything i said is just rubbish and not logic at all. After grumbling, I will not remember anything i said. 

I have a friend who has a short memory. I like to complain to her because she will not remember after a short while. I refrain myself from grumbling at work place, considering that anything I said might be evidence. Haha sound like police warning.

At workplace, be mindful of colleagues venting off. It is rubbish without concrete evidence.

Careful not become accidental backstabber.

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