Feb 17, 2015

Chinese New Year Lantern

Out of the blue, I wanted to make a Chinese New Year lantern with angpow.
When I started my project, everyone is asking where are you going to hang it. I said I do not know.

I googled DIY lantern and found an easy lantern and use the less angpow. Not enough resources 'kononnya' (as if). 

My dad found the best place (the only place) to hang my lantern. He grabs the ladder and start to climb, along with tape and my handmade lantern.

*stick stick to make sure it will not fell down*

Switch on the fan and it start to spin slowly.
I am referring to the lantern, my lantern started to spin.

It will be very interesting because visitors have something to talk about when they come for Chinese New Year visiting.

You are invited to visit my home too.

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