Mar 18, 2011

Bugs or handome Korean?

When you are choosing a place for holiday, how do you choose? 

Do you choose by numbers of handsome hunks or beautiful ladies at certain place?
Do you choose based on list of shopping malls available on the spot?
Do you choose based on its nature beauty?
by their food?

While stalking a friend on Facebook, I saw the beauty of Korea through the eye of her lense. I was attracted and tempted to visit Korea. I was so excited and even calculated money in my wallet, my mother's wallet. Lucky that money in our wallets was not enough to buy any ticket to Korea. From my friend's photo album, I also saw that all she eat during the tour is just cabbages, cabbages, cabbages. I think I am going to turn into rabbit after eating so much cabbages. rbit rbit rbit rbit rbit. It is such a turn off~~~

April would be an exciting month for me... I am going backpacking to IndoChina!! woohooo. I like Indochina because I get to eat a lot of fried bugs!!! Food excites me!!!! CAN YOU FEEL IT!!!!

shhhhhh.... actually I plan to keep it quiet. Lucky not many of my friends read my blog.

Bangkok-Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia in 18 days. We are going to travel like a poor mouse. I am going to grow whiskers, just to make myself look more like a poor mouse with no cheese.  It is not a big problem because I am not a fan of cheese.

We are a group of trio. On our way, hopefully hook up with number 4 to make the number even. Hopefully is a cute hunk, with a sweet smile, and strong hands. The strong hands is to help carry our luggage.

Yes, I chose Indochina because of the bugs.


CWMartin said...

Sounds like fun- except for the bugs.

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

HeLLo Ghosty!

You are going to IndoChina? Where's that? Indonesia and China? Hahaha! Definitely I don't like the bugs. I hate bugs,what more to eat them! I hope you'll share with us how they tasted like when you go there. Hahahah!

When travelling to other countries, be sure to be nice to people and be careful when making friends yeah? Have you studied the place? Do you have any contacts? oh well...anyway, have a safe journey ok?

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

lol @ become rabbit if eat too much cabbages! hahahaha!!!

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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

omgosh! u love bugs!!! :O

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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

enjoy ur trip kay! :D haha

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Ghosty Nana said...

Hallo cikgu, sure you know where I am going, I even wrote it in the post!!!
Cikgu, have you try cacing sagu? I have not, and not goint to. I only eat foreign bugs. hehehe
Yes, I am always very cautious, and sometimes over-cautious. going backpacking, and have no contacts there. Thanks, cikgu

Ghosty Nana said...

Hi Caroline, yes going to grow big teeth too. rbit rbit rbit. I ate fried bugs before, it tasted like crackers, crunchy! Thanks!

[SK] said...

i choose which place to visit base on the scenery and also attraction.. definitely not on how handsome or pretty the people are.. oh, insects in indochina huh, i'm sure you will have good appetite there~~ enjoy your trip!! :)