Mar 9, 2011

Waiting is a Journey

Have you read my previous post?
Last Sunday, a friend of mine organised a photoshoot. Originally there was only 2 of us as photographer. However, I succeeded in dragging my brother away from his iPhone and join the photoshoot. Coincidentally, the theme is matching with my previous post. Hope you like it!

Waiting is a journey

Life is full of waiting. This is just one wait beside a deserted road.

It can be painful

During the period, many emotions came by and it is quite disturbing.

So may doubts while waiting

All doubts came into the head and doubt the worthiness of the wait.

Is it going to come?

What she can do is hope...


Nothing to do while waiting, she thinks....

Sweet memories lightened up the waiting

Occasionally sweet memories cheer her up. No harm of reminiscing sweet memories.

Bye, I am moving on

Guess it is time to move on. Bye, I am moving on.....


Bengbeng said...

2nd n 6th shot the best. if the head in 6th shot could b changed to head in second shot, it would b an even better shot ..,ell done

AmirFX said...

Waaaa..!! Cantik gambarnya... Model pun cantik jugak.. hehe..

Ghosty Nana said...

that's interesting. face with much expression is better to have more focus than smiley face. thanks for c & c.

Ghosty Nana said...

Thanks, AmirFx. mau present

CWMartin said...

Very nice. Full of meanings especially the last one.