Mar 13, 2011

Happy belated birthday to me!

Happy belated birthday to me!

Happy belated Women's day!

Never too late to wish myself Happy Birthday because everyday seem like birthday to me.


My birthday is just like every other day~~~~

I actually don't mind it.

I actually don't mind it because....  I get free meal for almost one week. Starting on Sunday until Thursday. My birthday is on Tuesday (8 March).

And I get 3 cakes instead of one. Thanks, Jennifer!

Happy Everyday to everyone!!

Hi people, no need to wish me Hapy Birthday, because I had enough from Facebook.
But you girls and guys can send present to me ( tak tau malu / shameless )


AmirFX said...

Hepi belated besday o just today is ur birthday? haha.. Nway, enjoy the day..

Bananazą®‡ said...

Happy belated Birthday to you hope you had a great day..

wa khairul onggon said...

Hepi belated bday Nana.. suka tgk gambar2 Nana amik.. :)