Mar 4, 2011

The lady at the bus stop

This post inspired by Beng's post: Falling in love and marriage is like boarding a bus?


As a single and unattached lady, the journey of looking for a soulmate is like waiting at the bus stop. Bear in mind, it is not like waiting at the bus station. Not all buses pass by bus stop I am waiting at, but all buses go to bus station. That's the difference. I don't have the leisure to check out all kind of buses and there is no time to understand anatomy of every bus.

At the bus stop, I have to start to check out its destination, its colour, its size, its style when a bus came in view. If you have perfect vision and can see clearly at 5 km distance, you better start checking out this bus when it came in view at 5 km away.

I believe most ladies started to wait with a small clutch bag. Can't wait to climb on the bus.
Then as time goes by, the destined or chosen bus have not arrived. She start to bring along a luggage and started to make herself comfortable by buying a coffeemaker. Then build a small hut behind the bus stop. She is not waiting anymore, she is just there. If come a nice bus, it is consider in luck.

While waiting there are many kind of buses.
Bus that does not even bother to stop, even there is no passenger.
Bus that is full of ladies passengers, but still stop.
Bus that already have a loyal passenger, but still stop.
Bus that is very old, with white hair, (can even doubt functionality of its elephant), but still stop for young ladies.

During the waiting period, ladies can be choosy and end up with nothing.
Along came a budget bus, but have very cosy chair. The lady rejected it because it is budget. She felt comfortable but still it is budget. Rejected. Even if she love the bus, she would still reject the bus.
Along came a nice luxury bus, but she just does not find it comfortable. According to her, no feeling. Full stop. Then a flood broke the road, made it inaccessible by bus. Thus bus never come again.....

The worst thing is waiting at wrong bus stop, a bus stop along a deserted old road! No bus!!!

Now you can start ponder, where is love???

Love is not practical. Love is deceiving. Love makes you blind. Love hurts. So why love?

Oh my! I am also wondering where is love? Where is loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? 

*checking my right pocket, checking my left pocket*

I can't find love in my pockets!!!

No wonder I am still single and unattached, because there is no love in my pockets.

At midnight, if you see a lady at a bus stop, dressed in white linen, she may not be a human.

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