Nov 28, 2012

Putian sept 2012 -a

On 30 sept 2012 to 8 oct 2012, we went to Putian, China again. This time the group is composed of 12 person, including my parent, my bro, 3 pair of big uncles n aunties, 1 pair of younger uncle and auntie, old auntie gugu and I. I was in charge of them at airport. Deporting them from Malaysia to China. Hahaha sound like Malaysia gov's wish.

Fyi, i went with my parent there 2012 chinese new year. My grandpa came to Malaysia from Putian years ago by ship. The ship reached Sibu, Sarawak and that was how my hometown is Sibu. Our clan is HengHua, but in putian, Henghua people does not call themselves Henghua, they are Putian people. Seems like only older generation knows the term of Henghua.

So from kota kinabalu international airport, we flew to shenzhen. We chose shenzhen because my father's cousins mostly are working in shenzhen. They are boss. They rent metal for scaldfold. With blooming construction in shenzhen, they earn much money just from renting out scalfolds. However 2012 sound like a bad year for them.

They stay in an area specially for scalfolders rent. They stay in containers. They even renovate their containers and it is not cheap. The rent also expensive. The owner of the rent is rich and loan money to businessman. Most of them loan money from personal to do business. It is hard to loan money from bank.

Windy and cold at night.

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CWMartin said...

Amazing to see those pictures... thought provoking, too.
In my old neighborhood in Indiana, there are a lot of French names because it was settled by French in the 1800s. Many names are not pronounced the way my parents did anymore. Seems like I'm the last one who remembers how to say them...