Nov 29, 2012

What I need is RM60

God does not give what you want, but He give what you need.

On one fine morning, no rain, no hot sunshine, the weather is just good enough.

Breeze of wind blowing through me, I am feeling good and feeling pretty, and sexy as well.

Suddenly a drop of water fell from the sky, raining?

Swap the water with my palm. Yuck! It is not transparent drop of water, it is whitish with yellow stuff. It is a drop of poo poo from the bird. Get a jackpot early morning. And no tissue in my bag. Grab any receipt paper from my bag to clean up my fringe. I don't want to go for breakfast with bird poo on my fringe.

Back to office, someone told me I should buy a lottery. But I don't know how to buy lottery, and too lazy to buy. Luckily I know someone selling underground lottery. I message the someone & bought the number which have been in my mind for the whole weekend.

Around 7pm, I get a message... toing toing... "you won RM60." so few yet it is enough to cover the lottery fee. I bought RM24 lottery, and I spent RM36 during last weekend. Total up is RM60. Ngam ngam. Just enough.

So you don't even think of asking me to give you a treat!


[SK] said...

fuyoh and who say that is not a lucky sign?? you bought all combination of the number in your mind, voila RM60 won!! i'm sure this surprise is very pleasant right??

Naomi said...

Hope keep having good luck. hehehe It was a pleasant surprise.

CWMartin said...

Well thats better than we did on Powerball! Maybe I should have Laurie get poo pooed on before she buys the tickets...

Mr Lonely said...

all the best!

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..