Mar 1, 2010

My Chap Goh Meh night, with lantern

On Chap Goh Meh night, few of us went to do an illegal event. It is very dangerous, yet so fun. It is playing Gong Min Deng. It is so called flying lantern, ancient flying balloon. I have a video of it, but will only post it after it successful loaded on youtube. Stay tune for the video. In the meanwhile, I will exposed photos of our illegal activity. It was banned after one of it hit a flying plane around 4 years ago. Now it can only be play, with a permit. RM 500 if get caught without permit.

Did you see something on the picture above? Someone wrote a wish for me... if you can guess which one.
On the lantern, we wrote our wish. If the so called 'heaven' get it, our wishes will be granted.

 Start to burn the candle.

Start to float. And it flew flew flew....


Uncle Lee said...

Hi, Wow! I never heard of this before. But I can imagine it can be hazardous to planes.
But guess you had fun.
Have a great Tiger year, best regards, Lee.

[SK] said...

hey, this is something very interesting to me, i have never played a "kong ming deng" before leh.. so where will it end up at?? burnt in the sky and ashes gone with the wind??

Ghosty Nana said...

Uncle Lee, yess to all you said.. shhh bout it. Have a great Tiger year, Uncle Lee.

[SK], maybe end up burnt or fell down somewhere... it is a mystery to me too. I was told that my senior made the lantern from newspaper before, and it did flew. My sis bought the lantern from Ipoh, I think not available in my town.