Mar 12, 2010


Let's talk about toilet.

Let's talk about this toilet. First encounter in Taiwan. This toilet bowl is also known as Japanese toilet.
It is easy to flush the toilet. You only need to step on that iron pedal beside the toilet bowl. Careful that you may misplaced your foot into the toilet bowl, which will create unpleasant moment for you.

You may wonder which direction should you face when you squat. According to Nomi fengshui master, it is more auspicious if you face east, where you ass will face west toward the cover like side. The cover may prevent your shit from flying around the toilet cubicle. This guide is according master's logical mind and also master's sexuality.

Apparently it is different in the proper guide..... 

Taken from someone's flickr.

Obviously it is at the different direction. However what you do in the toilet is your own business. Whichever direction you face, as long as you are comfortable and happy, it is fine.

This Japanese toilet bowl is more pleasant than Turkish toilet bowl which I encounter in Egypt and Romania.


khengsiong said...

This type of toilet can be generally referred to as Asian style...

Ghosty Nana said...

Yes, because generally can be found in Asia. But it can be found in East Europe too and Egypt