Mar 10, 2010

Birthday in Taipei

18 years old, a flower.
22 years old, a grass.
27 years old, a tree?
8 March was Women's Day, it was also my birthday.
This year's birthday is as special as every year.

I think I experience small tremor of earthquake that early morning. I was in toilet, have much water just in case something happen... :P
I had a chance to witness a rare incident at Martyrs Shrine in Taipei, Taiwan.
"Worth mentioning are the military police officers who guard the main gate, and who have been rigidly trained to stand like expressionless statues and to remain unmoved by the teasing of crowds."

Yes. Yess... At first I thought of trying to make the guard smile by calling him 'handsome', but I changed my mind when the tour guide said the guard will be punish if he smile. After finished taking photo with the guard, while standing aside watching the handsome guard, the guard almost smiled!!! He tried his best to prevent from smiling. Lucky he did not smile, or else his butt will be in trouble. Men in army uniform are so cool!!!!

Miss Chan, our Malaysian tour guide surprised us with a birthday cake. The cake was also for Women's Day. Thanks, Miss Chan!!

We were brought to a Feng shui master. For fun, I let the master see my birth date, the small master said I am ambitious. Yeah, I am ambitious alright. My ambition is to become prettier inside out every year.

Happy belated birthday to me!

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