Mar 16, 2010

Long Distance Relationship guidance

Read an article regarding long distance relationship, there are some guidance to a successful LDR. I think all the guidance are practical and useful. Here are the guidance taken from here.
  1. Yap it Up. This might be the only time in life when being a chatter box is a virtue.  When your significant other is far away the best way to feel close is to paint them a little picture of your world as often as possible.  Tell them about the bum you stopped to give a buck to or the baby in line at the bank who wouldn’t stop screaming profanities at his mother (true story).  When space and time is set between you, there’s no detail that’s too mundane to share.
  2. Ground Rules. Don’t be shy about it…tell it how you see it.  If you think monogamy is too much to ask for, say so.  If you want a phone call every morning, let it be known.  Having a routine is the best way to have constant and unspoken reassurance that you’re flying at the same altitude.  And the only way to obtain a routine is to agree on all points of the relationship.
  3. The Honey Fund. Let me be the first to state…long distance relationships are not for those with thin wallets.  If you want it to work, you’re going to have to work that frequent flyer program for all its worth.  Mutually putting aside funds to help with travel plans is a good way to keep the load balanced.
  4. Computer Love. OK, how do I put this…?  There are some areas that will be…lacking, in a long distance relationship.  And the best way to fill in the gap (pardon the pun) is to get to know your computer.  REALLY WELL.  Install a camera and get some good lighting, because the best relationship saver when it comes to long distance is good ole fashioned cyber “relations”.
  5. Timelines.  Finally, but not least importantly, is creating a timeline.  If he thinks the long distance is for good and she’s waiting for him to move to her city, things will quickly go from bad to ugly.  One thing is for sure, it HAS to end at some point.  There has to be a point set where the long distance part of the relationship comes to an end.  If this isn’t something that’s possible, I’m afraid you’ll just be swimming in an endless circle.
What do you think of these guidance?

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