Mar 11, 2010


Last night or few hours earlier, I went out for a 'Starbuck'ing session with some friends.

While chit chatting, we talked about why some people have affair or one night stand. Then our guy friend said maybe it is the curiousity. If curiousity is the reason, does this mean that a guy who had one night stand before will be more loyal after married, comparing to guys who never tried it before? Still make no sense.

Talking about curiosity, it reminded me of an incident. I was in working in Egypt. In the basecamp, we had a bar. I usually do not go to bar. I guess that time was a special occasion, because I went there that night. I didn't drink, so I sat at the back part of the bar talking to colleagues. 

Then an Egyptian cook let me listened to Arabic songs on his mobile phone. While I was listening, I accidentally click into a folder full of porn (even have porn with animals). I quickly close the panel and returned it to the cook. I never expect that he showed me the porn to me. Being 23 years old, I was curious about the porn. But I rejected his offer, when I sense that it is dangerous to accept it. Accepting it may mean I am inviting him to my room. Then he offered to let me see another porn again, I rejected him again with a NO in a strong tone. I left the bar not long after that.

On the next day, the cook was fired. He was caught stalking two ladies, two big ladies (non Asian)!! If I accepted his offer to look at his porn out of curiousity, I think I won't be that lucky. As curiousity killed the cat. I don't want to be the cat.

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