Jul 26, 2015

Cake Decoration Competition - Spongebob

Each of the team is given 2 layer of sponge cake. It is big and square. The team is consists of 3 ladies and 1 man. Obviously only one of us have experience with baking or decorating cake. She is the team leader.

We were given 10 minutes for planning and job delegation. We have to decorate the cake based on cartoon character. When we look at the square cake, one of us thought of spongebob immediately. Jobs delegated to each one of us: creaming the cake, colouring the cream, drawing and pinching the cream (if it makes sense). I am in charge of drawing.

As a start, put a layer of cream between the sponge cake. Cover the outer part of the whole cake with yellow cream. Draw the outline by using chopstick. Re-draw because it is not nice. Then draw with black cream. Cover the cake with coloured cream.

Ta da!

Our spongebob get no 1!!!

No 2 is spiderman

No 3 is very special. I cannot guess what is the cartoon character. It looks like there are 2 cakes on the cake.

Another 2 are:

Cartoon's mother...

The competition is just for fun. Many people from Chinese Clan association join the competition. It is fun. All of us get gifts. 

I still cannot believe we won.

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CWMartin said...

I believe #3 is a Minion from Despicable Me. Hope they were delicious!