Jul 12, 2015

Typical Solution might not be the Solution

My facial skin is a confusing case. It is oily but I have dried skin on my nose. It can be dry but I have visible pores. Usually it is called Combination Skin. Usually it is recommended to go for Combination Skin range of skin product. 

However my skin gets drier. II need to get rid of the oil and this makes my face dry and wrinkled.

So I changed the tactic. I changed my facial product to dried skin ranges. It may sounds too oily to my face. Bear in mind it is only sounds. The fact is my skin gets mosturised and stop producing additional oil. I am sure I do not want my face to be main oil producer like Miri.

Typical does not means it is the best. Every case is unique. Hence solutions need to be customised according to the situation.

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