Oct 16, 2015

Palliative Charity Run - 5 km 11 October 2015

Year 2015, there are many running event. Many of my friend's friends join the events.
Making me have a sudden resolution of my life. I decided to join this kind of event at least once in the lifetime. Normally, there is a registration fee for it. It is kind of way for the organizer to collect funds or charity. As you had known, I am cheapskate.

I am very lucky. The moment I share my intention with an acquintance, I was told that the association is sponsoring people who is going to join the run or walk. Yahoo! Without further ado, I find my friend to join because I do not want to go alone. Then another friend also joined.

On the event day, as early as 6 am, we arrived the place. The surrounding is very remote, among the trees. Just like back to village. Oh ya I fogot yo mention the event. It is palliative charity run, at Piasau Boat Club Miri.

For the warming up, we had a Zumba session. Shake Shake move move. 

Then we start the run. Actually is speeding walking.... Suddenly we saw a 2 km sign on the road, it means 500 m more before turning back. We were so excited. Our legs are getting ready to do the u turn... 

Why is it so far away? Our legs start to complain. Our mouths also start to complain. And we saw a 3 km sign on the road. Does it means 5km to and 5 km back? We only registered for 5 km run..  Or walk. Oh my, can we survive from 10 km journey? Will we die from exhaustion?  We are a bunch of spoiled ladies.

Some people start to come from our opposite direction. That is a good news. It means the turning point is near. So we increase our speed and our legs are very ready to speed for the turning point. Finally I can have a sip of water and get a bright bracelet.

Going back to the starting point is faster than ever. Our legs start to complaining again and start to sleep. It is the Indocafe truck keep us motivated. We want to drink the free coffee.

Finally, we survived and get our cold coffee and it is free. Additional to that, each of us received a medal and instant coffee packs. At our age, getting medal is huge. Hahaha.